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Custom Rockabilly #3 The Troubadour

Saturday April 29, 2006

Review by Lori Lee

The action-packed Custom Rockabilly nights at The Troubadour are just going off like a rocket. The Custom Rockabilly #3 two weekends ago was wall to wall with music fans from all walks of life. I’ve said it before, no longer are these evenings for the rockabilly crowd, we’re attracting all types of passionate people to these gigs.

I’ve been too busy here at Robot HQ organising the GreazeFest to write up a really big review of the last gig, but rest assured, it was pulse-pounding. Big Kitty and The Scaredy Cats opened up proceedings and to my ears, stole the show from the boys that night. Big Kitty’s pitch-perfect vocals made songs like Patsy Cline’s Seven Lonely Days and Wanda Jackson’s Funnel of Love sound easy. The Scaredy Cats backed up the sultry singer with some fine musicianship and energetic stage antics.

West Texas Crude kicked off to a shaky start as their new drummer took a minute or two to find his stride. The newcomer soon pulled it together and the boys cranked up their set to whip the audience into a bopping frenzy. I ventured to the front to give them the ‘T’ time signal towards the end of their set and I was amazed to feel the floor bouncing under my feet. The audience was all bopping in unison and the floorboards at the upstairs Troubadour were flexing with their weight. I had visions of us all crashing through to the coffee shop downstairs. Urban cowboys, el Borracho wrapped up the show with a terrific set of cow punk including with songs from The Ramones and some folk singer called Johnny Cash.

The next Custom Rockabilly is coming up on Saturday July 8 at The Troubadour. This will be the last rockabilly night before the GreazeFest, so it’s gonna be a biggy. Featured on the night will be the debut gig from Men Into Space, the hot new rockabilly trio from Brisbane, but more on them later. I’ll keep you posted with all other news as the weeks progress, but for now, just lock in July 8 as the next big rockabilly night.

Custom Rockabilly #4  The Troubadour  July 8, 2006  8pm  $10

Big Kitty & The Scaredy Cats:




West Texas Crude:




el Borracho:




The audience:

A busy dance floor as usual

Busy all night in fact

A rare shot of our photographer, Pix by Pete with buddy Kelly