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Kustom Kroozers Reunion


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What cars are permitted into the car show?

All pre-197
3 vehicles are welcome. Vehicles can be in any condition, daily drivers are very welcome. You do not have to be an original Kustom Kroozer to show your car.

Do I have to pre-register my vehicle?

No. Just register your vehicle as you arrive.

Is there a
n additional cost for entering my vehicle?

Everyone pays $15 to enter, whether they are in a show vehicle or not.
Children under 15 are free.

I'm not a Kustom Kroozers Member, can I still show my car?

You do not have to be an original Kustom Kroozer to show your car.

Can my kids come to the show?

Absolutely. The main display area of the hot rod show is accessible to all ages. The licensed area of the showground is over 18s, children will have to be with a parent or guardian to access this area.  Under 15s are entered free.

Is there a dance floor?

Yes. There is a huge dance floor in the concert area.

What happens if it rains?

show will continue in any weather. The access driveways are asphalt, the show area is solid ground and the entertainment area is under cover. The under cover concert area can fit over 1000+ people, so the concert will go ahead in any weather.

Can I bring my dog?


Can I bring my own bbq, food or drinks?


Is the hot rod show ASRF sanctioned?


What happens
on sundown?

Flood lighting is provided over the car display area, the markets and the food zone. Drivers are welcome to keep their cars on display after sundown. Stall holders are welcome to keep their stalls open. The indoor concert will continue until 10pm.

What is the risk to my vehicle?

Whilst all care is taken and professional security is provided at the show, please note that display cars are parked at their own risk. Please keep an eye on your vehicle and your valuables. The Kustom Kroozers accept no responsibility for any damage or theft.

It is a condition of entering the show that the owner of the vehicle on display releases the organisers, the sponsors, all employees and anyone associated with the presentation of the show and all its associated events from any and all known damages, injuries, losses, judgements and/or claims from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by an attendant or their property during the Kustom Kroozers Reunion.

If you have any other queries, please email the show at gf@robot.com.au